Edlric Vashtar (Eldric the Fierce) – the youngest of four, son of the late King Daedin. Even as a child Eldric was always at odds with his siblings and remains so in adulthood. With the muscular stature of a warrior, Eldric is a fierce fighter with something to prove. With his physique, it's hard to judge his age – but estimates appear to put him around 28. He seeks to have all of the glories that his brother and sisters have achieved, but he does it by cunning and force. As the sole proclaimant of Far'zule, the High General has built an impressive fortress with tall and heavy walls surrounding and towers that seem to reach into the sky.

Eldric rules with an iron fist that he swings at anyone he feels threatens his kingdom. His army is well trained and the pride of the land. Pride is the gateway to arrogance, however, and Far’zule is in constant contention with their neighbors on all sides.

Eldric is extremely adept at fighting and seeks honor and glory through his strength and the strength of his army. If you are looking to gain knowledge in the skills valued by Eldric, then you may wish to settle in his domain. From the crossroads, set out on your journey to the southeast.

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