Game API


We use Javascript as the base scripting language for creating the game. We wanted a language that reached a wide range of hackers and Javascript fits that profile. This is where we're heading with the API.

The point of Terrayn's API is to allow complete customization of your world. We don't want to just stop at allowing you to design how the world looks, but we want you to make it actionable. Looking to have a hired NPC perform some set of custom actions? Script it! Afetr all, how can this be a world built by you without some type of scripting?

We're also going to support a way of sharing scripts with others. You can either keep it all to yourself, or share it with the masses. It's all up to you!

Want to see some samples of what can be done with the world of Terrayn? This is the place for you!

API Samples

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